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Taiana Giefer interview

 若干21歳。2007年から始まったTaiana Designは、早くも世界的な注目を浴びようとしています。まだまだかわいい女の子のデザイナー、Taiana Giefer インタヴュー。

ーデザインを考える際、まず何が浮かびますか? When you think about design, what comes in your mind first?ー
 The first thing that comes to mind first is wearable art. I love to create things that can funtion in many ways, as art, decoration, Clothing, accessories, Tools...etc..

Could you tell me the process to make your product minutely? I've heard you wash & scrub the base of cloth on wall?ー

 I start with a large table, and I lay a few material on top of it that are flexible and that the wool will not attach it self to,( for example, bamboo, plastic, bubble wrap) . Then I lay out the raw merino wool that is just cut off the sheep, dyed and washed, and I weave it flat on the table. I then apply hot water and soap made from Olive Oil, and do a series of Aggitating techniques for many hours, and the fibers stick together. When you add heat to the fibers of wool, they shrink, thus making them all stick together.

ーどのくらい時間がかかりますか?  How long does it take?ー
It can take me anywhere from a day to a few days depending on the size, color, and weave.

ーいつそういう行程を確立したの? When did you establish such a process?ー
 I was taught the basic, traditional technique of felting by a friend in Germany a few years ago all in two days, and from there, i applied it to my own ideas and have been self taught since then.

ーこのスカーフのアイディアはいつ浮かんだの?  When did such a idea come in your mind?ー
数年前、この古典的なフェルト製作の技法がなんて自然で素晴らしいか気付いた時かな。でも、実際には、カルバンクラインのヘッドデザイナー、フランシシココスタから彼の2009 秋のRFTのランウェイ用に織物を頼まれた時かな。
A few years ago when I realized how incredible and natural this ancient fabric making technique is, but it realisticaly started when Francisco Costa, The head designer of Calvin Klein, Asked me to make fabric for his RTW fall runway collection of 2009.

ーこれからどうなっていきそう? 何か決まっている企画はある? 
How is your work going on or carrying on in future? Do you have some plan had been decided?ー

 For the future I hope to keep it still a very intimate company and production. I wish to keep a limit on my production so that they each feel very unique and one of a kind. Now I have future designs for larger and more intricate pieces, I hope to work with more clothing, and to take my accessories to other places(hats, bags, vests... coats,,,)

ーあなたの家族もアーティストだと聞いたのだけど、何をしているの? I've heard your family members are artists too, what are they doing?ー
 My father was an architecht/ photographer and also a industrial product designer. My mother was a model/model agent, but they are both incredibly artistic in every aspect of their lives, always applying an artistic flare to everything they do.

ー子供の頃はどんなだった? How was your childhood?ー
 My childhood was a dream. I had the best family and they were always very very supportive and encouraging for my many artistic adventures.

ー家族の影響があった? Had you had some effects from your family?ー
もちろん。私が世界を美学的に美しい場所として見る見方に影響を与えました。 Sure, my family influenced the way i see the world as a more aesthetically beautiful place.

ーアートスクールに通っていましたか? 学生時代はどうだった? 
Had you graduated some art school? How was your school days?ー

 I have been in a few art program here and they, high school i was in an arts academy, College i did many things, Such as animation, metal working, wood working, glass making, print making...and also did a year at a technical trade fashion design school learning more advanced textile.sewing , and pattern making techniques.

ーWhat's your hobby?ー
my hobbies are being adventurous in all the arts, always trying something new and crafty, anything that involves my hands, I like to hike and bikeride and swim

ーWhat kind music do you like and also food?ー
I love almost all music, especially worldy music and Electronic dance music. Food...I really love food, any food! but its always healthy:)


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